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Ventrac Ice Control Equipment

When keeping sidewalks free of snow and ice is a priority, Ventrac leads the industry with options designed to easily handle miles of sidewalk no matter what winter brings.



The new VENTRAC SSV makes it easy and efficient to manage snow and ice on sidewalks. The SSV is a dedicated Sidewalk Snow Vehicle with an industry-first 36" width in order to allow access to the tightest areas of any property. The SSV allows more reduction of hand labor and walk-behind equipment than ever before. It's also designed with a full arsenal of commercial quality snow removal attachments and de-icing options that are engineered to provide a system that can handle any winter storm.


42” Blade

Ventrac ND420 42" Snow Plow for the SSV Tractor has a working width of 42-inches and angled width of 36-inches, perfect for sidewalk snow removal. 38’ Broom

The NJ380 Power Broom for the Ventrac SSV, features a working width of 38-inches and an angled width of 35-inches, making it a perfect solution for cleaning snow and debris from sidewalks and walkways.

Brine Kit

The NB200 Brine Kit features a 20 gallon tank, rear mounted nozzles, and a spray wand. The nozzles distribute brine in a 36" - 48" spray pattern. The wand features a coiled hose for easy storage and operation.

34” Snow Blower

The 34" wide NX340 Snow Blower is built for commercial snow clearing operations of sidewalks, driveways, and other areas. This two stage snow blower features a 12-3/16" diameter solid auger for best snow transfer, a large 18" diameter fan, and the ability to move snow at distances of up to 30 feet.

34” Drop Spreader

The Ventrac SSV Sidewalk Drop Spreader is the ultimate tool for spreading an array of deicing materials with precision flow control. Designed with a narrow frame and a 34" drop pattern, this spreader is ideal for spreading material on sidewalks and other narrow walkways using the Ventrac SSV.



When you need the power and versatility of a compact tractor, but want the maneuverability and visibility of a zero turn mower, the Ventrac 3400 will give you the best of both worlds. The Ventrac 3400 tractors unique articulating and oscillating frame design allows for advanced maneuverability between trees and on rough terrain. The Ventrac 3400's full-time, all-wheel hydrostatic drive delivers maximum traction and performance for pushing snow and traversing difficult terrain. This tractor is the perfect size for adept maneuvering on sidewalks, yet powerful enough to move heavy snowfalls. It features a 34-inch narrow footprint.



The Ventrac 4500 is in a class of its own. An innovative design combines all-wheel drive, an articulating frame, and powerful engines to give you unmatched stability and control to get work done. Built to handle all snow conditions, from light snowfalls to winter's wrath, it’s 4 wheel-drive hydro-static transmission provides superior traction, reliability, and ease of use. Front-mounted attachments let operators see the work out front. This forward thinking design allows for better visibility so operators can work more confidently when close to landscaping, buildings or other objects. The front and rear frame of the tractor oscillate independently of each other. This allows the tractor to adapt to rough terrain while giving all four tires more consistent contact with the ground.


The SA 250 Sidewalk Drop Spreader is the ultimate tool for spreading an array of de-icing material with precision flow. Clean Sweep is a powerful rotary broom and an efficient solution for light to medium snowfalls.

Pushing Power. The Ventrac V-Blade cuts through snow, separating and pushing it to both sides. Both wings adjust hydraulically to control the direction of the snow.

Snow Blower. Built for deep snow, this two-stage snow blower is the industry leader for its size. Move up to 4500 lbs (KX523) or 2500 lbs (LX423) of snow per minute and throw snow distances up to 40 feet.

Heated cab available on liquid cooled engines.

See these Ventrac Attachments in action. Visit: the Ventrac YouTube channel.