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Ventrac Dealer

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WPE Landscape Equipment proudly stands as an authorized Ventrac dealer for Southern Ontario. Our partnership with Ventrac, a renowned manufacturer of versatile, powerful, and efficient landscaping equipment, enables us to offer an extensive range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of both commercial and residential clients in this area. Whether it’s managing large, uneven terrains or delicate lawn care, WPE Landscape Equipment is dedicated to providing top-quality Ventrac products and services, ensuring our customers achieve the best results with the utmost reliability and efficiency.

Ventrac – Versatility that Works

Ventrac, a distinguished player in the landscape equipment industry, is renowned for its innovative and versatile machinery. With a commitment to engineering excellence, Ventrac specializes in compact tractors and attachments that are designed to offer superior performance, durability, and versatility. These characteristics make their equipment ideal for a wide range of tasks, from lawn care to snow removal, appealing to both commercial landscapers and private homeowners. The company prides itself on its ability to provide solutions that enhance productivity and ease of use, while also focusing on operator comfort and safety. Ventrac’s reputation is built on a foundation of quality, innovation, and a deep understanding of the demands of the landscaping sector.

Features and Benefits

•  Better Visibility
•  Higher Performance
•  Superior Control
•  Tool Free, Quick Connect

•   Tighter Turning Radius
•   Smoother Ride
•   Better Stability
•   Better Ground Contact
•   Consistent low ground pressure
•   Powerful Flexibility
•   Significantly reduced turf disturbance compared to traditional, fixed frame tractors

•   Full Time All-Wheel Drive
•   Maximum Performance in every situation

•   Intuitive Controls
•   Quick response
•   Comfortable
•   Easy to Use

•   8 Tires for better weight distribution
•   Minimized impact on turf
•   Operate on soft ground conditions

•   Ready to work in any weather
•   Over 30 Attachments
•   Power to get the job done

•   Compact Design allows for better utilization of trailer/shop space
•   Center of Gravity for optimized for stability, especially when mowing slopes



In winter, Ventrac excels with its snow removal equipment. Ventrac machines efficiently handle heavy snow and ice, ensuring safety and accessibility. These machines offer superior traction and stability, making them essential for clearing residential and commercial areas during harsh winter conditions.



During summer, Ventrac’s landscaping and lawn care equipment come into play. Ventrac tractors are perfect for maintaining beautiful outdoor areas. These versatile machines are easy to maneuver and powerful, ideal for detailed garden work and large-scale landscape maintenance.

Ventrac 4520

At its core, the 4520 is a compact tractor, but it is very different than what most are used to seeing and that is a great thing. The purpose of a tractor is to perform tasks more efficiently, with better results than hand labor. The Ventrac 4520 plays on these advantages, then takes it to the next level.

Ventrac ssv

Ventrac SSV

The Ventrac SSV is your one-pass snow removal and de-icing machine, engineered to be a system that can handle any winter storm. The Sidewalk Snow Vehicle is a refined and durable option for those zero-tolerance accounts, making it easy to manage snow and ice on sidewalks when you need it most.

Winter Attachments

Ventrac’s winter attachments include snow blowers, plows, and brooms, designed for efficient snow and ice removal. These attachments offer robust performance in harsh winter conditions, providing reliable clearing for safety and accessibility.

Summer Attachments

For summer, Ventrac offers attachments like mowers and soil cultivators, ideal for lawn care and landscaping. These tools ensure precise mowing and effective soil preparation, enhancing the maintenance and aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.


How easy is it to change attachments on a Ventrac?

With a little practice, you can switch almost any attachment within a minute, without any tools or heavy lifting.

What is the Flex-frame all about on a Ventrac?

Ventrac FlexFrame allows the 4500 tractor to both articulate and oscillate. These benefits allow the machine to crawl over terrain no matter how it changes, allowing more stability and capability to work on surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat.

Can I use my Ventrac in Winter?

Ventrac’s versatility allows you to work all year-long. From spring to summer and fall to winter, Ventrac has the versatility to meet your various needs, while getting the job done quickly and with ease.

What is the slope rating of a Ventrac?

With the dual wheel kit installed, the Ventrac is rated of 30 degrees (58% grade)

What is weight transfer?

The Weight Transfer System enables the transfer of weight from the front end attachment to the tractor. This increases traction and stability, especially on hillsides.

Ventrac Dealer

As the authorized Ventrac dealer in Southern Ontario, we at WPE Landscape Equipment are proud to offer Ventrac’s innovative and versatile range of equipment. We cater to a wide array of landscaping needs, both commercial and residential. Our inventory includes various specialized Ventrac attachments, perfect for precise lawn care and effective snow removal. Our deep understanding of Ventrac products ensures that our customers receive expert advice, exceptional service, and equipment that meets the unique landscaping challenges of the region. Our partnership with Ventrac is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality, efficiency, and reliability in landscape maintenance and management.